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It's Easy and Fast

The process is easy and fast.  Once you sign up and start receiving your Gas Reward Certificates you can start marketing them however you like. These are great marketing tools that can be used to enhance your call-to-action for potential customers.

Gas Reward Program:

  • $150
  • $300
  • $500

‚ÄčIncrements to choose from. 


Boost response rates from your existing ads by adding one extra tagline: "Call For a Free Quote and receive a $150 Gas Reward Certificate, No Purchase Necessary." Imagine how many more leads you could generate.


Now that you have generated the lead, try enticing the prospect an offer them a $300 Gas Reward Certificate if they close today.


Contact all of your past customers and offer a $150 Gas Reward to anyone who fulfills your request for a new referral. Or, at the end of your sales presentation, after you have closed the sale, seduce the new client with a tempting perk if they send you a referral.

Some of the Gas Brands:

  1. Exxon 
  2. Hess
  3. Texaco
  4. BP
  5. Race-Track

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The Secret Tool to Reaching New Customers:

Gas Reward Program..

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